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... dedicated to my sister Iris N.


Do you remember Vera Lynn?

Do you remember how she's been?

The smile on her face, a pleasure for the human race

but now - she had to go...


Now she's gone. Now she is gone...


Do you remember all these days?

Do you remember how her face

frowned 'cause i was wrong?

(I) wouldn't stop so take this song

I hope you'll take my excuse

Now you're gone. Now you're gone...


There is so much left to say.

No need to anyway

Since you been gone I roam

like a blind man in the dark of day.

Why did you have to pass away?

No you're gone. Now you're gone...


This is one thing in my mind, so listen closly:


(Girl I didn't mean it)

the things i said to you when i was mad...

(Girl, I didn't mean it)

You forgiving me would make me glad...

(Girl, I didn't mean it)

Sure you will have gone to heaven,

but why did you not try to stay